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Hiring Social Studies teacher for High School (Class-10) with more than 5 years of teaching experience. 


Job Summary
Responsible for teaching & guiding students as per CBSE curriculum guidelines .To develop understanding of the geographical, historical, cultural, and political factors which influence the development of world regions; to encourage students to develop sound opinions based on study of facts concerning operation of political and economic systems.


Job Responsibilities

Actively teach students, create lesson plans, assign and correct test, assignments & homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents, help students prepare for standardized testing, attend monthly staff meetings, and work with individual students to improve their abilities and to overcome their challenges.


Job Qualifications


·      Candidate should have BA and MA in History/Political science/Sociology or related field from a regular college affiliated to universities approved by UGC. (Note: B.Com will not be accepted)

·      Candidate should have Bachelor’s degree in education from a regular college affiliated to universities approved by UGC.

·      Should possess excellent communication skills for effective teaching

·      Must stay informed about current developments in field of specialization

·      Should have deep conceptual and working knowledge

·      Must have passion to teach

·      Should have effective classroom management skills

·      Basic computer knowledge to operate digital class systems and teach online classes

·      Should have taught class 10 at least for 3 years.


·      Pass in Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is preferred.

·      Willing to put in effort as required by the school /board guidelines

·      Ability to engage class and create a learning environment.

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