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1.Diary Clause #16. A. Students who are planning to move out of the school at the end of the academic year for one or the other reason (e.g., parents getting transferred to another place, children going to city for education etc.) should apply for transfer certificate (TC) before the last working day of the academic year, for the following reasons:

a. The school management will be able to give the TC to the concerned students before the school office closed for the summer vacation.

b. The vacancies in each section can be assessed and seats can be allotted to other students who are seeking admission into our school.

Students who ask for TC after the reopening of the school for whatever may be the reason, will have to pay one month tuition fee.

If the application for T.C. is given after June 30th, for whatever may be the reason, will have to pay tuition fee of one term.

However, an exception to this rule is given only to the NTPC employees, in case the NTPC employee receives his/her transfer order after the closing of the academic year. (Transfer order is to be produced to the school office).

B. Fee paid once will not be refunded at any cost.

Students who come to school after 30th June without prior intimation, will have to seek fresh admission, provided there is vacancy.

Sample Application Form

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